About DC Ammo

DC Ammo, Inc. is a custom reloading company owned and operated by Doug Carden, a competitive shooter and re-loader who was unhappy with the price, accuracy, and recoil of factory ammunition, and set out to make what he needed.

Doug is a full time Police Officer who realized that he needed to get more experience shooting under stress.  He has spent the last 19 years attending competition matches all over the United States, learning from fellow shooters and professional competitors how to maximize his ammunition for the competition at hand.

Doug cut his teeth learning how to custom load Bowling Pin Ammunition for the Second Chance Bowling Pin Shoot in Central Lake, MI (sadly now part of history).  From there he began to compete at the Steel Challenge and Falling Steel Matches, such as the PSA Shootout and the PROAM, along with the Big Dawg Steel Matches in Iowa.  Doug also found the challenges of the Bianchi Cup to his liking, and now enjoys NRA action shooting competitions.

Doug has attended USPSA ( United States Practical Shooting Association) matches for years in Iowa and surrounding states, and has also attended numerous AREA and NATIONAL matches as well.  He has seen and experienced what works and doesn’t work at the highest levels of competition.

Let Doug’s experience and passion for obtaining the “right” load work for you!

“ I shoot what I sell, If it isn’t good enough for me, then you won’t want it in your gun either!  We strive to give you, the customer, the best ammunition for your money and give you what you will enjoy shooting.  Our leisure time is precious, and when you are trying to do your best in competition why not use ammunition that is tailored to the game at hand?”

Give DC AMMO a try, and make your best shot ours!”

Doug Carden

  • USPSA member A-21848
  • ICORE member IA-8465
  • Current Iowa Section Coordinator-USPSA
  • NRA Pistol Instructor
  • Board member, West Liberty Gun Club
  • Co match director of both the PSA Shootout and the BIG DAWG steel match

Iowa Law Enforcement Academy certified instructor in the following disciplines:

  • Firearms, Rifle, Submatchine gun, Chemical Munitions

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